Midnight shot of red rose

Night rally through my Wild-Garden to take photos in the dark-part1-by rain

Must be my creative thinking who gives me sometimes ideas who seem to be strange for other persons, BUT by seeing the results later of what comes out everybody wonders and me sometimes as well… BUT why talking that much, just check the below slideshow and admire the beauty of nature by night and enjoy it 😉

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Stay tuned for next adventures from the Wild-garden ;)

young sprouts of roses

Gardening: The Wild-Garden | How To Cut Roses

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Watch the above slideshow, check clearly how the roses were cut to understand yourselves how to cut them… TIP: mostly try to cut for a ===> Y <=== configuration, see pictures to understand…

Make also the cut in a +/- 45-60° angle…

Check out ALSO:


Stay tuned for next adventures from the Wild-garden ;)

Greater Knapweed Centaurea scabiosa

Gardening: The Wild-Garden | Names Of The Flowers-Centaurea scabiosa

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This flower doesn’t require a lot of work, very handy… I planted it in my stone-garden together with dahlias and different other sorts of flowers. Just make sure to water from time to time…

Find out below more information:

Enjoy it and stay tuned for next adventures from the Wild-Garden ;)

Crocosmia pottsii

Gardening: The Wild-Garden | Names Of The Flowers-Crocosmia pottsii

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Crocosmia × crocosmiiflora is a garden hybrid of C. aurea and C. pottsii, first bred by Victor Lemoine in 1880. It is one of many Crocosmia plants known as “montbretia.”

Learn more:

Stay tuned for next adventures from the Wild-Garden 😉

Cuisse de poulet rôti avec farmer potatoes et haricots verts

Cooking: Menus From My Country Luxembourg

As I try since ages (15 years already by 2013) to connect with others on a global view to share values, culture, knowledge, different point of views and mentality in different countries, lets go for sharing what people eat in different countries. I will start with typically menus of my country Luxembourg. YOU are invited by doing the same on YOUR own blogs, it’s an approach for the digital citizen community, who WE are and how WE are living…

As more WE know from each other as BETTER it is for ===> communication <=== for a BETTER world… By knowing a country’s mentality and how people are living, knowing their Lifestyle, it is more easy anyway…

Check the slideshow below, please to see the different menus who are served in a typically Luxembourg household (ONLY where people still know how to cook)…

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The above shown images are NOT YET giving details about what it is and how it was cooked, I am planning to post that later in defined posts for each menu… Check out also my french blog here with more menus and detailed HowTo with photos:

Stay tuned for next posts 😉

Aphids on yellow roses

Gardening: The Wild-Garden | Pests and diseases of roses

Every medal has its reverse; every rose has its thorn, so ALSO when having roses in the garden! As beautiful as they are then more care they need as other flowers… 

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In above slideshow YOU will see very healthy roses as well as some pests… Find below relative articles around pests and diseases:

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In above slideshow you will see the problems which whom I am confronted and it took me today about +/- 1 – 1 1/2  hour to spray the insecticide (BIO) and to cut the leaves…

Find most garden insects in this Google search results images:

TIP: use green soap OR nettle broth to combat the pests… DON’T use chemicals, most are NOT good for also the other animals, insects and even for humans…


Of course you can ALSO use non-chemical sprays as shown on left handed side:

Garden guides:

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Stay tuned for next adventures from the Wild-garden 😉


Gardening: The Wild-Garden | Names Of The Flowers-Campanula

As I posted alright a lot of photos of different flowers in the “Wild Garden“, mostly there was NOT a name NOR a link to additional information of the flowers.  In this blog post WE will discover MORE about the beauties from THE “Wild garden”…

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Campanula is one of several genera in the family Campanulaceae with the common name bellflower. It takes its name from their bell-shaped flowerscampanula is Latin for “little bell“.

Find out more here:

Do these flowers need special care? NO, not at all, just make sure that the garden soil is NOT hard and that they get every day water, in preference when there isn’t anymore sun in the garden, mostly by 06-07 pm.

Stay tuned for next photos and posts 😉