Cooking: Menus From My Country Luxembourg

As I try since ages (15 years already by 2013) to connect with others on a global view to share values, culture, knowledge, different point of views and mentality in different countries, lets go for sharing what people eat in different countries. I will start with typically menus of my country Luxembourg. YOU are invited by doing the same on YOUR own blogs, it’s an approach for the digital citizen community, who WE are and how WE are living…

As more WE know from each other as BETTER it is for ===> communication <=== for a BETTER world… By knowing a country’s mentality and how people are living, knowing their Lifestyle, it is more easy anyway…

Check the slideshow below, please to see the different menus who are served in a typically Luxembourg household (ONLY where people still know how to cook)…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The above shown images are NOT YET giving details about what it is and how it was cooked, I am planning to post that later in defined posts for each menu… Check out also my french blog here with more menus and detailed HowTo with photos:

Stay tuned for next posts 😉

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