The Beauty Of Nature | Selection Of BEST Photo Shots From The Wild-Garden


Find below, please my BEST photos from the Wild-Garden, started in 2013 and will get updated as soon as there is NEW stuff ūüėČ I am learning NOW also on How-To make videos from Slideshows and publish them to YouTube…


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While watching the slideshow, listen to some music…

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My YouTube videos made from the slideshows:


Check them out and don’t fear to try it ALSO, I am learning each day ALSO and trying to do BETTER ūüėČ Get the courage to START!


Stay tuned for new blog post(s) ūüėČ . .

4 thoughts on “The Beauty Of Nature | Selection Of BEST Photo Shots From The Wild-Garden

  1. Hi Gust,
    What a pleasant surprise,
    I really missed this wonderful and lovely place!
    Thank you so much for the just received notification.
    I think most of the pics i have seen at your fb page
    and i commented or liked it Its really a good thing
    that you posted everything into your blog page
    Nobody knows when the Zukenberg and team will
    suddenly shuts their shops or for that matter it may
    go down deep into the bottom of fb pages, then you
    or anyone else will be able to find out or see again
    so its always good to post your notes or pics or whatever
    at fb should be saved and posted at our web blog pages
    Its really so lovely and eye capturing pics Gust
    Hey which camera you use to take these pics
    Keep up the good work my dear friend
    If time permits hope you have a look at my page
    Have a good and profitable week ahead
    ~yours Phil of Google’s Knol LOL

  2. Hi Phil, thanks for your kind words! First this ūüėČ It’s NOT ONLY the camera who makes it, it’s many years of practicing to get THE right eye for special shots! Anyway, I use NIKON COOLPIX L820 as it has the best Quality/Price ratio in the low cost cameras. I would like to have a CANON, but they are too expensive for me actually, maybe in the future… BUT, as the camera is fully automatic (which I don’t like…) I probably will buy me a new one very soon with manual action needed, much more fun and quality dependent on what I adjust ūüėČ Will have a look soon on your blog too…

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