Aphids on yellow roses

Gardening: The Wild-Garden | Pests and diseases of roses

Every medal has its reverse; every rose has its thorn, so ALSO when having roses in the garden! As beautiful as they are then more care they need as other flowers… 

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In above slideshow YOU will see very healthy roses as well as some pests… Find below relative articles around pests and diseases:

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In above slideshow you will see the problems which whom I am confronted and it took me today about +/- 1 – 1 1/2  hour to spray the insecticide (BIO) and to cut the leaves…

Find most garden insects in this Google search results images:

TIP: use green soap OR nettle broth to combat the pests… DON’T use chemicals, most are NOT good for also the other animals, insects and even for humans…


Of course you can ALSO use non-chemical sprays as shown on left handed side:

Garden guides:

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Stay tuned for next adventures from the Wild-garden 😉